5 things to consider when finding a place for your Holiday get together

2CCE3960-B2A2-4548-BBD7-E60D0E484813Do you often find yourself googling restaurants whenever a gathering is about to take place? Do people always ask you for recommendations? Congrats! You’re the official party planner- the glue that keeps the squad together and ensures that plans are carried out! But wait! Are you running out of ideas? Worry no more! Here are 5 tips to find that ideal spot! Plus one bonus amazing food haven I’m sharing with you that I recently discovered!

1. Location. Consider a place where most people in your group are near. This way, it makes your plan 50% closer to reality and lessens chances for last minute cancellations. In our case, it’s in Marikina.


2. Ambiance. Make sure the venue has a welcoming vibe with good lighting from inside out. Instagrammable? You got 90% of your artsy friends hooked and sure to come.


3. Cuisine. Find out what your group is craving to eat. Is it Chinese, Korean, Thai? In our case, it’s a mix of Filipino, Italian, American.


Reading customer reviews beforehand won’t hurt! Look at the personalities who already visited this newly opened restaurant!


4. Reservation. Make sure to call the restaurant manager stating your preferred date, time, and spot (inside or outside). Up your game by doing an ocular beforehand to feel the vibe. Don’t forget to leave your contact details!

1d1i1j5. Drinks. Taking this into consideration is a major plus! It’s a great way to have the squad loosen up and keep the ball rolling for more fun! So long as it’s taken in moderation!


Lights! Who don’t love them? Indeed, Delicere is something that would satisfy both your eyes and stomach’s craving!

1n1oOverall, this restaurant is something I would highly recommend. A place I would go back to, mainly for two reasons: great food choices and stunning ambiance.At this time, you might be wondering where the food pictures are. Well I could only show you the aftermath if you want haha! The food has been gone after only a few minutes. That says a lot about the taste! But my personal fave was the Shrimp Aglia Olio Pasta. Everyone was happy indeed!


Now, let there be rejoicing for Christ is born again! Merry Christmas!

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