How I aced my semester with straight A’s during college

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Have you set your goals and clearly written them down on a paper? If NOT, you have to remember this.

Nothing is as tiring as sailing without any concrete destination. But, it would be even far more exhausting, not knowing the directions and conditions of when the wind are in your favor. A blindsided captain- no one wants to be like that!

Let me share you a story. Few years ago, during my freshman year in college, I was this naive yet very enthusiastic scholar, all fired up about the challenges that lie ahead of me. I was both excited and scared of the thought that my stay in one of my dream schools was completely dependent on me and my academic performance. After my share of pains and gains, it turned out, following one completed semester, I got a letter from the admin saying that I topped the whole batch getting 7 flat A’s out of 9 courses with a mind-boggling GPA of 1.09 (with 1.0 being the highest), which I didn’t exactly intend to have. So how did I do it?

Am I smart? I would not consider myself one. There were a lot of smarter people in the college that I know. Those who were naturally gifted and has photographic memory.

Did I study hard? YES! I remember having my first class at 12 noon but I would get up at 5am to start my study routine. Boriiing. Yep, I know what you’re thinking!

Was I grade-conscious? Absolutely! But that was before. 🙂 I even remember crying the FIRST time I almost failed a short quiz, out of complete fear that if I didn’t make the target, my scholarship would be taken away from me and I will not finish schooling. I completely annoyed someone and I could almost remember her eyes rolling by the thought of how petty I was. Not to mention, it was just a short quiz, and I was still one of those who got the top scores. Crazy right? But now I know what matters. And it’s funny how this person whom I totally pissed off, turned out to be one of the best college friends I would ever have! *Shoutout to B!! :D*

So let’s cut to the chase! What’s that first thing you have to do and possess in order to achieve not just high grades, but almost any goals, no matter how impossible they may seem?

WHY. You have to ask yourself first, why. Why am I doing this? Why am I punishing myself studying this hard instead of going out with my friends and having fun during my spare time? Why do I have to make temporary sacrifices? Why do I have to keep going? My WHY was clear to me back then. It was out of sheer will from my WHY, that moved me to turn these thoughts into feelings, feelings into actions, and actions into results.

You would see the written note, “Aim for UNO” , from my notebooks, wall, bed… literally everywhere and everything that would remind me of my goal. Before I study, while I’m eating, before I go to sleep, literally every second, I am reminded of my WHY. Mind you, it was not even my intention to be at the top, but out of constant prayers and that drive and purpose which moved me to ACT, results were manifested. It’s as if the universe conspired to make everything happen.

So what would be my biggest takeaway out of this unforgettable experience? Have clear and specific goals written down and be reminded of them everyday. Everything will follow. The one with the most clarity will win. There’s no other secret. It all starts with here. Before, I haven’t even learned of this concept but looking back, this was the thing that worked right then and there.  Law of Attraction.


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