Why the only person you have to convince is yourself

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It won’t work. Just go back to reality and earn a living.

See? It’s not working. You’ve only been wasting your time and effort.

How many of you have encountered someone telling this? A friend, family member, or even someone you look up to. I tell you what, listening to all these words is distressing, but the moment you start hearing this, you should be happy. Why? It’s actually an indication that you’re trying something new, that which no one has ever tried or heard of. It may either be a strange idea, business plan, or a big reroute in your career. The moment you start trying, hard enough, is the moment you’re closer to opening new doors and opportunities more than what you’ve expected.

People are naturally averse to risk. They don’t like change. They want the comfort of a proven standard and stability.  As a result, by doing this, we’re somehow imprisoning ourselves in a box. We’re stuck in an endless routine we want to get rid of, but couldn’t escape. You’re there complaining, yet you’re not doing anything about it. It’s a form of entitlement mentality which makes you whine over your misfortune. Not good.

So how do you respond to naysayers especially when their negativity is starting to make you doubt your own idea?

1. Do not respond.

I understand the itch of making you want to explain to them what you’re trying, but don’t. Never justify unless they ask you specifically. And even when they ask, keep your answers straight and short. Why? Most of the time, they just would not understand- YET. But no, doesn’t mean never. You don’t wanna risk burning bridges to the ones who matter to you, just because you’re trying to build something for your own. Channel your energy of explaining instead, to something more productive which could lead you results. Persist, learn, and love the process. What’s the magic to silence them? RESULTS. Have this and you won’t even have to do the explaining later.

2. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. Temporarily distance yourself from those who don’t.

Simple. Even the most beautiful rose won’t flourish in a soil full of weeds. It has to be in an environment that encourages that plant to stand and grow dignified and poised with grace. Choose carefully who to listen to, because odds are, you become what you believe in.

3. Convince no one but yourself.

Forget all the how-tos out there, but not this. The first and most important thing to do repeatedly is have that desire and unshakeable self-belief that in the end, it will work out. When you have this within you, the right people will sense that certainty and vision that you have, and would make them want to support or even join you.

Ultimately, remember that the most successful ones were the bold, strange, and the unconventional. Those who had the guts to challenge WHAT IS and lead WHAT WILL BE- they deserve that kind of empire.

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