Why waiting is for the cowards

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You’ve probably heard of the saying “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, it’s not meant to be.” What does this encourage? Waiting- which leads to complacency, that puts you in an endless black hole. So what does waiting look like?

1. It’s an open cage you can’t afford to leave.

There’s this new open door in front of you that says BIG- opportunity. You stay there, frozen by the overwhelming thought of “Is this true?” or “Can I do this?” Then you put your left foot forward trying to dip your toes first, then backward again. Until you realize one day that countless opportunities have already passed you by, and there you are, still the same person- clueless, scared, overwhelmed.

2. It seems so close yet so far away.

You have this great idea of another business venture, or something which could help uplift lives. It’s all there planned out, yet you keep waiting for the right timing. People don’t see the value in it yet; I don’t have the capital; I don’t think it will really work. Then you make up all these excuses in your head instead of just getting it done. You know what makes a dream so far away from becoming a reality? Action.

3. It’s a spilled milk at the onset.

Oops. That’s my idea! It actually worked for him. I wish I could’ve done it sooner. Man, I tell you, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Life requires agility, and the confidence to unleash the unknown. But it’s my idea! I deserve it! No you don’t! You didn’t even have the guts to go after it.  It belongs to people who are curious, hungry, and ready to experience hardships all over again for something that they truly believe would happen.

In the end, the biggest losers are not the ones who fail repeatedly, but those whose lives are all about waiting. Remember, it’s better to have an “oops and a what is” than a “what if“.

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