Why vision matters

Desert Adventure (2)-page-001

Have you ever traveled to an unknown place? Rode a bus with an altered route and unsure where to get off? Drove your car when the map navigator suddenly stopped working and you just kept going circles? How did you feel?

Probably, there would be two answers:

  1. “I was scared!”
  2. “I loved the thrill!”

As you would notice, there’s only one major circumstance- CHANGE– having two very different responses. What sets them apart? The former is driven by fear, while the latter is driven by vision.

This is comparable to life’s journey full of twists and turns, reroutes and roadblocks. If you don’t know where you’re heading, there’s a high chance you’d suck out all the energy within you. Everything would feel like an unsolvable maze- an unending destination.

On the other hand, if you have that clear picture within your mind of what you want and where you’re heading, no amount of setbacks would change the same excitement you initially felt. Having belief that ultimately, you will reach your desired destination, everything is just a necessary learning opportunity, teaching you to solve problems with purpose.

Compare this to the likes of Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) and other successful entrepreneurs who changed the world. They are definitely the latter-visionaries; initially branded as strange because of their unconventional ideas. Yet these crazy beliefs, were what kept them going despite all odds. Everything was just about going straight to their goals having unobstructed view.

Now which one are you? The fearful or the visionary?

How do you respond to change? Do you fearfully get lost, or continue riding through the motions and win?

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